#078: The Impact of Lazy Retail Management on Employees

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On this episode of the UnPodcast we discussed a practice that many retail companies use that makes it nearly impossible for their employees to make enough money to survive. It also keeps them from being able to work another part-time job or go to school, and is definitely a less than humane way to treat employees.

We also talked about a legacy store in Canada that recently went out of business due to not keeping up with the times, and the importance of keeping your business relevant if you don’t want to lose your shirt.


Other topics include:

  • [00:00:51.05] This is totally gross
  • [00:01:38.08] A confirmation that Alison is in fact now her mom
  • [00:02:51.00] Scott’s not your good time buddy
  • [00:03:21.25] Correcting people’s grammar online
  • [00:04:10.27] Alison’s mom’s brilliant strategy
  • [00:05:36.15] Scott’s failed attempt at proper grammar
  • [00:06:29.11] Just because your metrics tank, doesn’t mean you should change things
  • [00:08:28.05] How to sell more books
  • [00:09:16.07] Why you can’t focus all your attention on one place
  • [00:10:19.14] Why it’s worth attending Inbound (and how to get a free ticket)
  • [00:13:26.24] A really common practice that really stinks for retail employees
  • [00:19:48.13] Your biggest asset as a business owner
  • [00:21:30.23] Another great reason to shop online
  • [00:22:33.27] When blaming it on competition is just an excuse
  • [00:22:53.14] What a company has to do to beat out Wal-Mart
  • [00:26:49.12] Why rebranding a logo and painting walls isn’t enough
  • [00:27:51.21] If you’re going to launch a new technology, you must do this
  • [00:29:25.00] Waiting and 2015 are two things that don’t go together
  • [00:31:35.09] Why change isn’t a cop out for not trying
  • [00:32:43.17] The only ones who like rebranding
  • And so much more. . .

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Items mentioned in this episode

Tyler Vigen

Spurious Correlations

QR Codes Kill Kittens

Working Stiff: Two Years, 262 Bodies, and the Making of a Medical Examiner

Video provided by: AtomicSpark

Audio recorded by: Wayne Cochrane Sound


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