Stay The Course With Demand Generation  

demand generation strategyWhen discussing Demand Generation Strategy you should always look at all options before making a decision.

That being said too often we try to “outsmart” everyone else and choose a different path as it feels daring and exciting. Sadly this new adventurous path often leads to disaster.

A wise man once said, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” (T. Bertram Lance). This phrase has no greater meaning then in the Demand Generation World.

Here are a few things to consider when you are looking for a new Strategic Demand Generation direction.

Look At Your Competitors: Investigate what your competitors are doing in the marketplace. Do they rely heavily on Social Media? Pay per Lead acquisition? High Inbound Volume? Do they have a Lead Generation Team?

These answers can give you a huge advantage as you can learn from those that have already experimented and found what works best. Now this is by no means an absolute, as each persons’ company and product differ, but it certainly gives you a running start.

Test, Test, Test: Pilot programs are the ultimate way to experiment. It limits your risk, and provides excellent information to help you determine the path forward. Remember you should still tread lightly and go into a pilot program with your “eyes wide open” so you are clear on goals and cost. A company that is not running a pilot program quarterly is a company that is not optimizing.

Understand Your Needs: It is critical that you have a well thought-out framework before you start your search or discussions. This includes a budget as well as your goals and available head count. Often times people look to a new direction with nothing more than a “we need more Sales” mantra. This can lead to wasted funds as well as false positives, as without rational goals you cannot claim success or failure.

Don’t Over-Complicate: Sometimes the simplest path is the one that leads to greatness. I have seen a team of 5 lead generation callers outperform a pay-per-lead or social media budget that is 4 times higher.

Do not fear the simple approach because it isn’t “sexy” or being talked about on LinkedIn by the masses. If it works for your company then it is the right path to attain all your goals. Many times we feel that if we do not create large groups of people that spend larger amounts of money that we are failing in our Demand Generation quest. This could not be further from the truth. Stick with what works, and forget about the rest.

As Technology grows the Demand Generation world grows too. There are new tools on a daily basis that require investigation, but never forget where we originated, and never be talked into wasting money on needless tactics. Find the path that works for you and stick to it. Work each day to enhance and optimize not rip and replace.

Photo Source: flickr user aigle_dore

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