How Digital Influences In-Store Sales [Infographic]

This week’s infographic hails from Deloitte Digital. A recent Deloitte study found that retailers are “dramatically underestimating the influence of digital and are caught in a divide where they are making digital investments that primarily support their ecommerce business rather than their brick-and-mortar business.”

Digital is becoming increasingly important in the omnichannel equation. Rather than view ecommerce and physical retail separately, retailers must understand how digital experience influences multiple “channels” in 2015.


Click to enlarge infographic

tweet infographic


$2.2T brick-and-mortar sales will be influenced by digital by the end of 2015 (64% of all in-store sales) Tweet this

Nearly 1 in 3 shoppers say they spend more when they use digital as part of their shopping process Tweet this

Shoppers are 29% more likely to make a purchase the same day when they use social media prior to or during their trip Tweet this

45% of consumers say digital makes shopping in-store easier Tweet this

Consumers who use social media while shopping are 4x more likely to spend more Tweet this

Consumers that use digital in-store convert at a 20% higher rate than those who don’t Tweet this

70% of consumers are leading their own shopping journey Tweet this

67% of consumers read product reviews during their path to in-store purchase Tweet this


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